When opening SSMS it takes a long time to load, this is because by default it’s set-top open with Objects Explorer. To speed it up, we need to change the startup to load as an empty environment.

Access the Options

2. In the environment access the Startup

3. Change the Open Object Explorer to Open empty environment and wallah you are done

But why?

Open Object Explorer prompts for a connection and then opens Object Explorer.

Open new query window prompts for a connection and then opens SQL Query Editor.

Open Object Explorer and query window prompts for a connection, then open both Object Explorer and SQL Query Editor with that connection.

Open Object Explorer and Activity Monitor

Open empty environment opens SQL Server Management Studio without a SQL Query editor window and without connecting Object Explorer to a server.

Hide system objects in Object Explorer

Select this check box to remove the system databases, system tables, system views, and system stored procedures from tree view in Object Explorer. System functions and system data types are not hidden. This option only applies to instances of SQL Server and does not affect servers already connected in Object Explorer.

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