In May 2018 release Power BI team added a new powerful feature that allows users to get data from website with the ability to extract tables from the site. I wanted to test and see how this feature would be applicable to my existing datasets, so went out hunting.

To get new features in Power BI you have to download the newest version and if it’s a preview feature you have to enable it to use it.

On my machine Power BI is loaded through Microsoft App Store thus easier to update whenever a new update comes out but this time it wasn’t the case. I went through my Appstore, launched the latest and had the new features available to me but when I tried to use the web connection, I would get Extract table using Examples this is how my environment looked despite that I had the New From Web Experience enabled.



I restarted Power BI multiple times and even my machine but that didn’t fix it. I decided to re-download Power BI from the website instead of App Store. For this you have to make sure you choose Advanced Otherwise it will take you back to the store (see below)

In Advance, select your type of download (32-bit, 64-bit) and proceed. Once all is said and done, go back and enable your preview features. Now you should have access to Extract






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