Cloud Platforms is the new way of creating business value faster while providing core values to your customers. Managing cloud services can be dauting resulting to loss of focus to the core business delivery. Armely Cloud Managed Services (ACMS) takes the complexity of managing the workloads of your hands so you can realize the full potential of the cloud offering while keeping the business running.

ACMS Offers the following to your organization

Infrastructure ManagementServices ManagementApplications ManagementAutomation & DevOps
We provision services that meet your business needs and proactively manage them for you. We monitor the services for your organization and spring to action incase of inoperable services and incident management We provide application development, maintenance and operation for your business critical applications. We utilize flexible framework for rapid deployment using full-stack solutions.

Our team will tailor solutions on Microsoft Azure to help deliver scalable, agile and adoptive solutions to help you transform your business.